Making Repeated Schedules/Lots in DOP Agent Software (Tutorial)

Published On: 26-Feb-2019

For user convenience, the DOP Agent software gives you the option for saving lots so that, if you have to deal with the same accounts next time,
you can do that quickly and with ease. 

In this article, we'll see how you can save the lots, and how you can retrieve them for your convenience and faster work process. Let's begin.

  • First, you have to create the schedules. Make the entries, and follow the procedure of filling the serial number, account number, and so on. After you've made a few lots, on the left-hand side of the screen, locate the Save Repeated Lots option.
  • Click on the save repeated lots option, and it will show you all the different lots. Now you can click and save these lots. After saving the lots, if you want the schedule printout, you can click on the start option, and proceed. You can save up to 200 lots in this application.

Now, after you've saved the lots, let's discuss how you can retrieve these lots the next time you're on the software. 

  • When you're on the software, trying to make lots, you can put in any of the saved lot numbers, and the list will appear on the screen. To do this, first type lot, and then put the value of the saved list you want to retrieve. You don't have to be specific about the lot number in each lot, and you can retrieve the 9th lot list in the 1st lot if you want.
  • By default, there's only one installment that comes per entry. But, you can also change that manually, and raise the value to however much you want. You can also remove or alter any account from the list to get your desired set.
  • If you want to save these lots after alteration, there's the option of Save Repeated Lots using which you can make a new lot for the new altered list. Click on the Save repeated lots option, and the app will save it as a new lot.

This way, you can lessen time and effort by saving the lots and making needed changes whenever needed. The application can help you in making faster entries, and the whole process becomes more manageable as you move on with your transactions. 

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