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Saving Time/Efforts of RD Agents

If You are an India Post Agent for Department of Post, then you know how difficult it is to work on to India Post Agent login Portal. In the entire process for how you login to DOP Agent Website, find pages to select particular account number, make default/rebate entries, download reports using reference number, there are chances of human error. And the process is complex and time consuming.

DOP Agent Software brings an extremely easy to use solution where the steps are automated and it brings efficiency to prepare schedules/lists on daily basis.

It not only saves your time and penalties but also makes you an efficient post office Agent, Software is a tool which help you work like a professional, So do not shy away using DOPAgent Software. It is being used by thousands of India Post agents across India and they are extremely happy about it.


See It to Believe It

See how the process is so easy and simplified for you note the captions to help you understand how it works.


See how DopAgent Software Benefits India Post agent

Time Saving

Up to 80% of time saved when compared to manual efforts of post agent starts from India post agent login to print lots

No Technical Skills Needed

We made it simple to use for elderly post office agent or even for kids.

10 LOTS at Once!

Create 10 Lots of post office recurring deposit at once, without any user interference.

Entries are Easier

Entries by shortcodes or by barcode scanners, no need to enter long 10-digit account numbers , no need of post office agent login manually.

One Click Action

One click task, automatic printing of reports from postal agent login for your linked accounts

Error-Proof, No Mistakes

No chance for errors or mistakes since dopagent doesn't do anything manually on india post agent login page

Lot Amount Alerts

Checks for total amount and you see a message if amount is more than Rs 20000/- which is not available in india post agent login

Automatic Missed Entry Updates

Automatic Entry of all the records, even for the past missed entries or for rebate,india post agent commission,post office mis interest rate etc.

Colors to Differentiate Accounts

Useful color signs for different types of entries – Green for successful and Red for failed entries-All these are not available at post portal agent login

Interrupted Entries

Automatically resumes work if india post agent login or internet is down for a minute

Finding Specific Accounts

Automatically finds right pages for specific account numbers in dopagent login, you don’t need to find these on different pages

Clear Printed Reports

Printed reports are far more clear than postal agent login and readable for everyone and save paper too!

Save Penality

India post agent can save Penality by using pending account reports

Get Started Immediately

No Manual entries even to get started, not even using post office agent login manually, start using DOPAgentsSoftware within 5 minutes of installation

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