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Published On: 26-Feb-2019

Being an agent with the India Post Department is an opportunity that can be a golden gift if the agents are pulling their weight. There’s a lot that the agents are responsible for, and with good networking, honesty, and hard work, agents can make the opportunity into a good career. The efficiency of the agent depends on how well they do their tasks, but manually, even for the most organised agents staying ahead on each account can be a lot of work. The agent needs to be in touch with all the data, even on the go. That ‘s where the DOP Agent Software for MPKBY/SAS/RD Agents comes in and saves the day.

The DOP Agent app for smartphones is a tool that is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure that any agent can excel at their tasks, making time for further growth.

In this article, we’re going to discuss all the various aspects of the DOP Agent App to determine how it can be useful for the agents.

But before we move on to the software, let’s understand a little bit about what it means to be an Agent of the DOP.

What is the DOP Agent App

From the introduction, one thing is clear that the DOP Agent App is a tool for the agents to make their job manageable and more productive. All this is true about the App, and it also improves the overall efficiency of the agents using it. Time is of the essence for the agents, as every minute is gone, is another opportunity lost.

The DOP agent Software for smartphones is a simple, easy to manoeuvre App, that has no unnecessary parts to it, and it does as advertised. It makes the life of an agent easier. Agents can access the software on their phones, as well on their desktops. Once you start with the software, there’s no need for lengthy records on the page, as you can store every piece of useful data with ease. When the time arises, you can retrieve the data, and go on with your work.

The best thing about the software is that unlike manual entries that require the same amount of effort and time each way around, it keeps improving upon the efficiency of the operation, and agents can do more.

The software has the sole purpose of making the work process convenient for the agents, and it does that wonderfully.

The software has a lot of potential for the agents, and it’s convenient features make it a reliable investment for agents who wish to excel at their jobs.

Here are the most noteworthy features of this software.

1. Uncomplicated Design

The first thing that is a winner for the software is it’s uncomplicated, straightforward design, which every user can easily understand in a short time. There are no confusing terms to understand, and users can select the appropriate option and go ahead with the process. Unlike other complicated software that needs a lot of technical know-how, this software does not waste time on formalities and gets right to the point. The user interface is simple and easy to interact with for the agents.

2. Efficient

The software has an efficient design, and it reduces the time it takes for the agents to record an entry, give out the receipt, and finish other tasks. If the agents do it manually, they have to follow the procedure each time. With the help of the app, it becomes a quick process. The overall efficiency of the operation, as well as the agent, is greatly improved by this software. Up to 80% of the time that goes into manually finishing the task, agents can easily save using the software.

3. Easier Entries

One of the main tasks that are crucial in the operational process is making entries. The agents can use the short-codes or barcodes to make entries. There’s no need to enter the ten-digit account number each time around. Agents also don’t need to do their DOP agent login manually. With each session with the software, you can keep updating the saved lots. Once you enter the details of the account, the application remembers that, and you can save multiple accounts in the form of a lot, with each lot containing ten entries. You can save quite a few lots in this application. You can edit and update any lot whenever you want.

4. Minimizes Errors

The software is safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about it mismanaging your accounts. It minimises errors that usually accompany manual entries, and ensures proper management of every account. Users can conveniently differentiate between different types of entries, for example, Green for successful and Red for failed entries.

In case the software goes down for a second, due to slow internet, or maintenance, it automatically resumes the process from where you were.

5. Alerts and Updates

The software also lets you know about all the different things that need your attention. The DOP agent app does not have the option for checks with amounts more than 20000 Rupees, and the application lets you know when such an instance arises.

The Software automatically makes entries of all the records, such as

past missed entries or rebate, India post agent commission, post office MIS interest, and so on.

The software keeps track of your entries, and even makes changes to the lots if there are new entries. You can save the changed set as a new lot. Agents can avoid a penalty by using pending account reports.

6. Easy Printing

It is quite easy to locate the details for a particular account, and the app automatically does that. After making an entry, it is also quite easy to print the receipts. With a few simple clicks, you can generate and print the reports from the postal agent login for your linked accounts.

Printing a receipt is also quite easy, and agents have a few formats that they can choose from when it comes to printing. The printed receipts are very clear and easy to read.

These are a few of the most noteworthy features the application has to offer.

Why use DOP Agent Software for your smartphones?

Although DOP agent software has everything an agent might need to finish up their operations, still, the question of “Why DOP Agent Software?”, can arise, since there is other software that delivers similar services.

First and foremost, the uncomplicated design and the easy to approach user interface of the software is something most agents find calming. Since there’s so much on their minds, no agent has the time or the skills to maneuver a software that unnecessarily complicated. That is not to say that the software is tacky in any way. It is a software designed to introduce efficiency into an agent’s operational system, without intimidating and alienating them.

There are also a lot of convenient features such as lot making and managing input to save time and energy. In only a few sessions, users can achieve an optimal process. But, the software always has room for more productivity.

The software makes the chaos of multiple accounts manageable, and users feel more in control of the situation with the software. There’s a lot of rules, especially regarding deadlines that the department has, and agents have to follow. The software makes it very easy to be on time and avoid penalties that agents can suffer when working manually.

Download the DOP Agent App From Google Play Store.


There’s a lot that DOP agents have to do to maintain their network, and an efficient agent is someone investors turn to and trust with their money. An agent who is always improving is not only an asset for the department, but is also someone everyone wants to depend on for their needs.

The DOP Agent Software is a trustworthy companion of such agents and helps them create an efficient system that optimally benefits the department, investors, and themselves.

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