Issues Faced By The India Post Agents (With Possible Solutions)

Published On: 26-Feb-2019

The DOP Agent Portal and its software is carefully designed and run to improve the lives of the Department of Post Agents. These agents are just looking for an easy way to do their monthly task of paying EMIs for their clients. For the same, they generally have to go to the official website for the India post agents and make these payments there. This portal can sometimes be complex to use and adds on extra steps that the agent has to go through. Tasks that can usually take 20-25 minutes, can be done in 4-5 minutes using our software. 

The DOP Agent Software for Post Office Agent is developed keeping in mind the needs of the 21st- century person. We know people don’t have enough time on their hands today and we understand that everyone is just looking for an easy solution to their problem. This is why our portal reduces the amount of work you have to do and automates a lot of the steps that you may have to otherwise do manually. Our solution is forward looking and smart which makes it efficient for the agents to use.

We try to solve the following problems faced by the India Post agent

Auto Login- 

On the India Post website, an agent has to log in each time he tries to make a payment. For the same, you have to remember the complete account and type it each time. Our portal, on the other hand, remembers your password and other details so you won’t have to type them out each time.

One click action- 

The website makes it difficult to do even the smallest of tasks. On the other hand, the portal allows you to make decisions with just one click. You have multiple buttons on the screen that allow you to do this, these buttons include: calculate maturity, advance paid account, check old defaulters, generate a summary, etc.

Changing page numbers- 

On the website, agents have to go to specific pages and select the accounts they want to access. When a new account gets added, these page numbers keep changing and hence an agent may have to spend extra time on finding these pages every single time. To solve this problem, our portal remembers all accounts for you so you don’t have to actually select them. You can also remember these accounts using shortcodes, this gets you out of the hassle of entering the complete 10 digit account number each time.

No track of default accounts- 

It becomes difficult for agents to find out if they have accounts with any default payment, this can only be done manually on the website. Whereas, our portal has a specific button where you can click to generate a list of default accounts. While paying an installment, you will also see default accounts in yellow colour on the excel sheet.

Making multiple lots at once- 

On the website, you cannot make multiple schedules at once. You have to make these lots one by one. On the other hand, our software allows you to make 10 schedules at one time. It also automatically counts the total amount you will have to pay for all the lots you have selected.

Time aspect- The India post website is difficult to use and can waste crucial time. By shifting to the DOP Agent portal, you automate tasks and save your time. 


The account numbers of clients are 10 digits long and hence each time an agent has to access these, he/she will have to enter the entire account number. Our software, on the other hand, saves all your data, it creates shortcodes for all your account numbers so you don’t have to type the entire 10 digit number. 

Internet connectivity issues- 

Internet is a crucial aspect while working online. The website works with the help of internet connection and hence, if the internet stops working, any work that you may have done on the website also stops. Many users have also experienced that once an internet issue arises all the work you may have done gets lost which means you will have to start over again. To solve this, our software automatically saves your data even if the internet stops. Hence, if you face internet issues while working you can just resume your work once the internet comes back.

Difficult to understand- 

The website is difficult to understand. You may have to specifically look for things. On the other hand, our website is made to improve your working experience, hence everything is sorted by colours. You will be able to understand things using these colours and take better actions.

Although the website does the work for the agents, these are many problems you may face while working on the website. On the other hand, our portal is specifically created keeping in mind the needs of the agents and the problems they face while working on the website. We have thoroughly gone through the website, seen its working as well as the cons, and used that to build our portal. We have tried to solve all the problems that an agent faces while working on the website. 

The result, a software that allows you to do your job with the least amount of hassles. On top of that, we help you save time and be more productive as well. 

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