All About DOP Cheque Lots and Non-DOP Cheque Lots

Published On: 26-Feb-2019

In this article, we're going to discuss DOP and Non-DOP cheque Lots and everything you need to know about this. We will look at all the aspects related to these options and how you can utilize these to get the work done, that is, making DOP and Non- DOP cheque schedules. 

So, without further ado, let's begin.

  • Below Start and take a walk, you will find the option of cheque total for various lots. Under cheque total, you have four categories, namely, DOP cheque total, and DOP same cheque total, Non-DOP cheque total, and Non-DOP same cheque total. We'll talk about the DOP cheque total option first.
  • Select the DOP cheque total option. After that, under the Lot row, you need to enter your serial number. After that, the app will ask for your DOP savings account number, which then you need to fill there.
  • Then the app will ask for the cheque number related to that account, which you can fill in the blank space. You can repeat the same process for the second account number.
  • Sometimes, it can happen that, in the same lot, some cheque numbers may be similar to the account number. For this, there's the option of DOP same cheque total. Let's see how that works.
  • First, select the DOP same cheque total option, and then, fill in the savings account number. When you try to do the next one, it'll show the same account number, as well as the same cheque number. If it's the same for this set, you can let it be. To change it once again, you have to erase the last account and cheque no. while putting in the new ones.
  • After this, you can click on the Start and take a walk, and continue with the process.
  • The next option is Non - DOP cheque total, and if the lot that you're making has all different accounts and cheque no's, this is the right option to choose. But, if some copies have the same account and cheque no's, you can use the Non- DOP same cheque total option.
  • The process for both of these will stay the same as for DOP cheque total and DOP same cheque total. But, instead of the serial number, the app will ask for a bank name first in this case. After that, you'll fill the account number and the cheque number. The rest of the process is similar.
  • After you finish the entries, you can click the start button. The schedule for Non- DOP cheques will be underway, and as the uploads will proceed on the website, the entries will turn pink.

After it's finished, the DOP reference number will appear on top, and the report will download. In case the passbooks numbers exceed the page limit, they appear on the other side of the page.

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