Benefits Of DOP Agent Software For India Post Agent

Published On: 26-Feb-2019

The department of Post in India has their own portal where all India post agents come to deposit interest for their clients. This process is done by the way of lots for each account. If you have ever used this portal to work on these accounts, you know how hard it is to work on the portal. You have to manually enter every account, surf through the pages and remember the page number for the account you want to work on. On top of this, once you add new lots, these page numbers are bound to change and hence you will have to remember a new page number altogether.

This becomes difficult if you are working on multiple accounts. The portal can hang because of the huge data you are dealing with and once the system hangs, you will have to start again. You need something better, a software that reduces the chances of human error. This is where our DOP Agent Software comes in. Our software aims at improving the complex and time consuming process, it requires less manual entries and remember things you do so that you don’t have to do the same thing again and again.

DOP Agent Software is an efficient and easy to use software that will automate your process, make it smooth and help you in preparing schedules on a daily basis. The solution is focussed towards reducing the workload and making the process fun for the agent.

Along with efficiency and time saving, it also automatically does some of your work for you making sure you don’t have to pay any penalties. Once you start working on the software, you will become a more efficient post office agent and will work like a professional.

Benefits Of DOP Agent Software For an India Post Agent

Every India post agent knows how difficult it is to work on the India Post Agent Portal. If given a chance, we are sure you would want to shift to a better solution. Hence, our DOP software offers you all the functions of the India Post Portal while making the process seamless. It provides the following benefits to the DOP agents, making it impossible for them to not shift to our software:

  • One Click Action

Every action on the software can be done with the help of just one click. You can prompt for tasks, do automatic printing of your reports and access your linked account easily.

  • Easy Entries

With our software, you can make entries and open accounts with the help of shortcodes and barcode scanners. You don’t have to enter the long 10-digit account number every time you use the portal, that too manually.

  • Automatic Missed Entries

The software allows automatic entries of records even if you have missed past entries for rebate/interest. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any entry, the software understands the work and does most of it for you.

  • Error Proof

The fact that most of the manual work is taken over by the software means that there are less chances of errors. You won't have to do things manually on the software hence less mistakes.

  • Auto Login

To get started on the DOP software, you can log in automatically without having to put your login manually. The software is easy to install, and gets downloaded in no time.

  • Clear Printed Reports

Printed reports are clearer and more useful than the ones received from the portal as they are easily readable.

  • Multiple Schedules At Once

The software can make a lot of 10 at once. These 10 lots of recurring deposits can be done at once without any interference.

  • Saves Time

With the software, a task that would have previously taken you 15-20 minutes can now be done in just under 5 minutes. It reduces your time by upto 80% as it lessens the amount of manual effort required. 

  • Prepare Schedule Offline

Even if there are internet issues, the software does not stop working. Your work will be saved if at any stage the internet goes off for some time. Once the internet comes back, you can easily resume from the point where you stopped.

  • Free Trial

With the DOP software, you get a free trial of two months, so you have ample time to understand the software before you start paying for it.

  • Finding Specific Accounts

It automatically finds the right page for you. You won't have to remember or write down the page number for each and every account number, because the software will remember this for you.

  • No Technical Expertise Required

You can easily use the software even if you have no technical experience. There is no coding required and most of the work is done by the software itself. It is specially designed to make sure that even older post office agents could use it without any hassles.

  • Use Of Different Colours

The software uses different colours to differentiate between accounts. Just with the difference in colours you can identify what type of entry and account it is. Example- Green colour is used for successful entries.

  • Customer Support Available

We also provide customer support for all the agents associated with our platform. The support is provided in multiple languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

Switching to a new software can be hard and a difficult decision. But, when you are offered as many benefits as we provide, it should be an obvious answer. The original portal increases your workload and makes it hard for you to do your job. On the other hand, our DOP software aims at reducing your work, increasing efficiency and makes sure to save time and money for you. With the multiple benefits that it has along with the customer support option, understanding this new software should not be hard.

Let’s not shy away from a new software which could ultimately improve your lives. Make use of the various functions you can get by just spending a few hours to understand our software. And don’t worry, there are thousands of agents like you who are using this software and are extremely happy.

Once you are done understanding and downloading the software, you will realise what a great decision you have taken. 

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